We are temporarily re-opening our submission portal for fiction and essay submissions until February 1st, 2019 for our final print issue, Double Issue 11:1&2!


Our next regular reading period will open September 1.

The Seattle Review is looking for exceptional, risk-taking, intellectual and imaginative (as if these could ever be separated) work.

We only publish long poems, novellas, and essays. What do we mean by long? Poetry at least 10 pages in length and prose of at least 40 (double-spaced) pages in length. Any submissions shorter than these minimum lengths will be rejected unread. Please use a standard font (Times New Roman, Garamond, or the like).

The long poem can be:

  • a single long poem in its entirety

  • a self-contained excerpt from a book-length poem

  • a unified sequence or series of poems

We do not accept paper submissions. Please submit online through Submittable, free of charge. 

Please submit one piece at a time. 

Currently, we do not consider, or have a place for, genre fiction (sci-fi, detective, etc.) or visual art.

Please do not email us submissions or request feedback on rejected work. 

Contributors receive two copies of the issue in which their work appears.