Reasons for Smoking by Xandria Phillips is available for order!

Xandria Phillips's chapbook Reasons for Smoking (chosen by Claudia Rankine as the winner of our 2016 chapbook contest) persevered through a very long rollercoaster of production mishaps and has finally arrived from the printer strong, smart, and ready to rock your world. We'll be mailing out copies to all of you who opted to receive one when you submitted to the contest back in 2016 very soon. Others can now order a copy by visiting the "Issues" tab of our website.

We're so excited to share Xandria Phillips's stunning work with you!

Also, if you live in Seattle, don't forget to attend Xandria's launch reading at Open Books: A Poem Emporium on February 17 and to pre-register for her poetry workshop on Sunday, February 18!

Reasons for Smoking Cover.jpg