Congratulations, Adrienne Raphel!

Adrienne Raphel's BUT WHAT WILL WE DO was chosen as the winner of our 2015 Poetry Chapbook Contest!

Robyn Schiff has said of Raphel’s work “What indeed will we do with the dangerous chants and terrifying, unsettling tonal shifts at play in But What Will We Do? This violently charming, apocalypse-charged collection is ‘wound and unwinding’ toward a reeling undertow where menacing rhyme and swirling repetition lure the innocent into the harm’s way that the best poetry promises. There’s something seriously sinister in the revelry here, where a ‘boy is practicing the origami goose/ on a thousand-dollar bill; the roses rot, war planes fly overhead, and everyone’s meanwhile marching down the basement stairs, all ‘Still to the tune of the carousel.’”

Congratulations, also, to our runner-up If It Be A Skeleton by Katy Chrisler, our finalist Trappings of the Dewey Decimal System by Alison Strub, and our short list: Swimwear by Jeremy Schmidt, PANACEA by Alison Strub, Puppet by Jay Deshpande, Empathy for Cars/ Force of July by Davy Knittle, MAY by Adam Fagin, Heronry by Caitlin Roach, Anxious Sonnets by Kenneth Yuen, Brightening Elsewhere by Chris Salerno, and Drip, Drip by Lizi Gilad.