Vol. 3, No. 1 & 2

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Vol. 3, No. 1 & 2


Guest Edited by David Sheilds

Geoff Dyer, Violets of Pride

Paul Lisicky, Two Pianos

Greg Bottoms, from Grace Street

Janice Shapiro, Number One

Carl Dennis, Heaven

Elizabeth Searle, Student Shooter

Russell David Harper, America's Fat(al) Flaw: Notes on an Epidemic

Dean Young, Through the Obstacle Course Darkly Entering a Wine-Dark Plea 

Mariana Gosnell, Right to Deny

Robin Hemley, For the Spirits of Guinaang

Peter Mountford, Mr. McNamara's Suit

S.L. Wisenberg, Texas Ghost Sextet

Carlos Cunha, The Man in the Tree A Chronicle

Colin Garrison, Death in Venice Beach

Catherine Coy, Dead Girls

Alice Eckles, The Deadline is Now July 21st

Debra Spark, Excerpt from 46. (Section 4)

Scott Russell Sanders, River Blessing

Albert Goldbarth, Practice Journey

Kate Sontag, Badger Father

Dinty W. Moore, Oxymoron

Michael Blumenthal, Six Cheerful Couplets on Death

Michael Upchurch, Ridiculosity

Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Watching Them Go

W. P. Kinsella, Facing up to Death

Patricia Vigderman, After Death

Peter J. Bailey, "Seeing the Lie for Exactly What It Is": The White Guy Faces Death

Hilary Masters, Leaving the Party

Daniel Aaron, Mortuary Airs The Seattle Review: Signs of Life

Sarah Kathryn Moore, Aleph, Apocalypse

Elizabeth Cooperman, CIN-FILE: An Archive of Cinematic Longing

J.W. Marshall, A Skagit; Two Hospital Eavesdrops

Brett Foster, The State We're In Found & Lost

David Guterson, Escape

Rebecca Foust, Blame

Molia Dumbleton, One Girl

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