Vol. 29, No. 1

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Vol. 29, No. 1


Linda Andrews, No More Big City

Victoria Blake, Here, Then There

P. Genesius Durica, My Tapeworm

Jennifer Graham, And Then It All Went Up in A Flame

Laura Krughof, People Like Us

Valerie Ann Leff, The Last Family on Earth

Jessi M. Miller, Caves

Aimee Parkison, Shrike

John Picard, Nixon: The Man and His Muse

Brian Ascalon Roley, Mourning

Jenn Scott, Recent Oddity

Erin Stalcup, Solstice

Joseph Stitt, Blueness

Anna Tuttle Villegas, On Sweetwater Street

Carol (Lemley) Vinci, Sometimes He Carried Her

Beth Bentley, Il Trovatore

Kristin Bock, Sketch

Xochiquetzal Candelaria, Blue Alert

Lauri Conner, Blue Sapphires and Land Mines

Alice Derry, Hardhack in Bloom

Joanne Diaz, The Lonely Bitters

Erin M. Fristad, Two Women Working

Carol Frith, Philosopher by Lamplight

Ava Leavell Haymon, for High Summer

Brian Hayter, Partial

Eileen Hennessy, It’s about

Henry Hughes, Singles at Seventy

Nicolas Hundley, When We Were Impressionable; Two Suitcases

Ann Batchelor Hursey, One Month before Winter Solstice

Jonathan Johnson, Bones in the River

Timothy Kelly, A Page to the Short-Stay Unit

Sandra Kohler, We Rise

Mercedes Lawry, Whatever the Loneliness, Drawing Closer

Fatima Lim-Wilson, Tagaytay

Manuel Lopez, The Lecture

Caridad McCormick, That Night at the Rack 'Em Room

Ted McMahon, Freight

Tatyana Mishel, Backwards Love Poem

Mar Montas, bubbles

Allan Peterson, Just Show Me

Marge Piercy, Cotton's Wife

Helene Pilibosian, Orchard

Aura Susan Rich, Her Favorite Somali Fable Told to Her by Her Grandmother

William Rushton, Sensing a Situation

Eva Saulitis, Memory Is All; On the Continuum of Beauty

Heather Sellers, Parking Lot with War Boys in Winter

Anis Shivani, Genteel Folks

Judith Skillman, Procrustes'

Bed Knute Skinner, Potato Peels and Red Dust

Ann Spiers, Rest Stop

Amy Uyematsu, Unpronounceable

Diane Vorhees, In An On-One

Ellen Wehle, Louise Nevelson Discusses Night Watch

KC Wilder, america fears its shadow

William Winfield Wright, Poem on Your Underpants

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