Vol. 28, No. 2

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Vol. 28, No. 2


Eli Hastings, Gettin' Up

Don Lago, The Allegiance of Shadows

Richard Rapport, History and Physical

Tyler Meier, Under Irony: A Conversation with California Poet Laureate, Al Young

Al Young, Four Poems; Excerpt from forthcoming novel

Yussef El Guindi, Habibi

Gary Fincke, Proofreading

Dennis McFadden, Muddy Bottom

Vincent Precht, Angel

Ashley Shelby, Most Deserving

Valerie Trueblood, The Finding

Cynthia Atkins, January's Calendar

Ellen Bass, The Moment I Knew I Shouldn't Have Married My Husband

Rhonda Bowen, Northwest Coast Exhibit: Seattle Art Museum

Kirk Davis, Soft Soft Bread

Michael Glaser, Flying

Adam Day, Metaplasia

K.E. Duffin, Antwerp Giant

Jeannine Hall Gailey, The Fairy Melusine's Reproach; When Red Becomes the Wolf

D.R. Goodman, Love Sonnet

Loren Graham, My Ex

Alex Grant, Giant

James Grinwis, Last Room

Robert Grunst, An Apple Orchard in Prussia

Peter Harris, The Real

Diana Henning, The Holiness of Potatoes

Katherine S. Jackson, Chemistry 101

Stephen Kessler, Fifty Fifty

Susanne Kort, Valentine

Stephanie Lenox, Madame Tetrallin's Lullaby

Jeffrey Levine, Than Dreamt of in Your Philosophies

Jennifer Lighty, Give Me Liberty

Matthew Lippman, To Be Dumb

Sonja Livingston, Tragedy, Small-Scale

Diane Lockward, Organic Fruit

Priscilla Long, Facing East

Maliha Masood, Blinding Clarity

Muriel Nelson, The Moon Also Sets

Peter Pereira, Aesop's Dog

J.D. Schaffenberger, Kroger Poem

Angela Sorby, The Snow Woman

K.C. Wilder, Routine Fears--The Mythos Now

W. Arnold Yasinski, Historical Marker, Greensboro

David Mura, The Sherpa; Things to Think About; Refusing Heaven; The Masterpiece; Ode to My Body; V.C.; Wisconsin Hunting Season

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