Vol. 2, No. 2 & 3

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Vol. 2, No. 2 & 3


Guest Edited by David Shields

Chad Prevost, Seven Lightning Strikes

Thomas Beller, The Mints from Frank E. Campbell

David Kirby, Bo Diddley in Japan

Tim Parks, Marco

Ben Lerner, from ”The Doppler Elegies”

Abigail Thomas, Tirade Against “He Passed Away”

Antonya Nelson, Elegy for a First Boyfriend  

Wendy S. Walters, Moon-shot

Janet Desaulniers, Murderer

Stephen Dunn, Shame Mary

Anne Branningan, from My Last Like Year

Jay Ponteri, The Saddest Part of the Story

Megan Staffel...The Children Creature

Nikolai Grozni, See You in the Next World

Peter Turchi...A Few Perhaps Inappropriate Thoughts on Matters I’ve Found Unspeakable

Ehud Havazelet, Sylvia

Patricia Henley, Ephemera

Dorianne Laux, from Homicide Detective: A Film Noir

Mary Cappello, Coda: Called Back/The Voyage Out

James Nugent, Fragments from a Shattered Essay on the Death of the Universe

Paul Bravmann, Joyride

Thomas Orton, August Passing

Kelly Cherry, All the Little Dogs

Laurie Alberts, Dog Fights

Brenda Miller, Death is an Imposter

Leslie Epstein, Magic Chef

Brian Goedde, Birth of the Father

Barrie Jean Borich, The City in the Middle

Louise Aronson, Giving Good Death

David Lazar, Death, Death, Death, Death, Death

Kathryn Levy, Goodbye

Lia Purpura, Advice

Sarah Manguso, Class Note  

Willa Granger, Fibonacci Code

William Camponovo, Wall*E Screening, Village Recoleta, Buenos Aires, July 2008

Simone Sachs, College Dad is:

David Wagoner, Surfaces; The Angle of Incidence

Ann Spiers, Rest Stop

Christopher Bakken, Interior with a Closed Notebook

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