Vol. 1, No. 1

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Vol. 1, No. 1


Philip Levine, Zero Does Lear

Nick Twemlow, Black Helicopter Redux; Breakfast; Topeka, Topeka

David Wagoner, For an Old Man Stacking Firewood; My Snake

H.E. Sayeh, Story; Maybe; Dove's Wings

Forrest Hamer, Foresight; Mombasa

Jay Hopler, Discourse on Consequence; As in a Room Lit Only By One Small Window

Susan Parr, Drumbone and Snare; Receding Universe Rag

Mark Doty, House of Beauty

Corey Marks, A Brief Account of My Thirty-Third Year

Robyn Schiff, Project Huia

Richard Howard, Mind Under Matter; Thoughs on a Recurrent Suggestion *

Rick Barot, Theories of the Visible

James Hoch, Osprey; Ox; Clay

Brian Teare, Californian; Californian

Oliver Rice, Poetry, They Said, Bareheaded, Shoveling, Wrecking, Is a Bucket of Ashes

Brian Lennon, Untitled; Untitled

B.T. Shaw, Spring Comes to the Mistress of the Obvious; Images in Answer to Biology; Like This, Only More So

Joshua Marie Wilkinson, A Brief History of Music

Eunson Kim, Scenario

Simon Perchik, *; *; *

Marilyn Chin, The Parable of Squab

Michael Yang, White Thunder

Jeffrey Drayer, Three Stories Regarding Money, Sperm, and Love

John Felstiner, "to hold both history and wilderness in mind" Gary Snyder's Eye for the Real World

Karen Brennan, On Seeing

Robyn Schiff, Reading Gjertrud Schnackenburg on the Way to the Frick Art Reference Library

Sallie Tisdale, Balls

Brian Reed, The Time Has Come to Talk of Queens: John Ashbery's "Coma Berencies"

John Olson, Interview with Clayton Eshleman

Clayton Eshleman, Munch Dissolves

John Olson, The Utility of Futility; Reality; The Alchemy of Poetry; The Dead of a Song Writer; Laughing Gas in the Lighthouse

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