Vol. 27, No. 1

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Vol. 27, No. 1


Dennis Held, Apples

Michael Martone, Mascots

Kathleen Weigner, Interview with N. Scott Momaday

N. Scott Momaday, Excerpts

Gary Fincke, Rip His Head Off

Brian Schwartz, Wine Country

Errol Selkirk, Last One Up

Janset Berkok Shami, A Lengthy Postscript

Geoff Wyss, Report in the Pompati 

Chris Abani, Dog Woman

Seth Abramson, Neutron Star in the Hols

Cynthia Atkins, Train Song

Barry Ballard, The Traveler

Joseph Bathanti, Practicing Love

Matthew Byrne, Perhaps the Living Are onto Something

Amy M. Clark, Monkey with a Cup Leigh

Anne Couch, Fossil Love

Anne Coray, Poetry and Politics

Steven Cope, Looking Both Ways

Jim Daniels, White Crayon

Richard Dinges Jr., Extermination

Kathy Epling, At the Barrier

Keith Ekiss, Housewarming

Kathleen Flenniken, Words Drift Down on Virgil Suarez

Karen Glenn, Suppose

K.A. Ghazi, Pounding Coins Into Flesh; A Small, Dark Boy

David Gravender, Mossehurr

Holly Henke, Before You Leave

Sandra Kohler, After Your Death

Michael Leong, Lying in a Cabin on Ivan's Campground

Robert Main, The Last Sighting of the Batboy

Marjorie Manwaring, Groundhog Turning Poet

Elizabeth McLagan, Trouble with a Bad Sister

Todd James Pierce, The Last Time I Saw My Father

Daniel Saafeld, Miles Away

Ryan Sawyer, First Hill

Philip Sorenson, Dose; Instructions for Tourists

Melissa Stein, Another Night with the Club Q Dancers; Day Letter

Coleman Stevenson, Cultivating the Nothing

Gary Thompson, Michigan

Leona Verrelle, After School

Susan Wheatley, Fragment

Mary Beth Cashetta, Alice James Cuban Garlic

Mary Speaker, Mutations

Colby Chester, Mutations

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