Vol. 8, No. 1

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Vol. 8, No. 1


Cameron Awkward-Rich, From Transit

Joshua Bell, Vince Neil’s Report to the Malibu City Chamber of Commerce, In Which He Refuses, and Finally Agrees to, Making a Journey to the Underworld to Visit with the Known and Unknown Dead

Bruce Bond, The Sculpture Garden

Lauren Camp, Empirical Theories of a Box-Maker

Kyle Hays, Rearrangable Debris

Cate Lycurgus, Mute Song

Jennifer Metsker, The Furies Leave Los Angeles, Air Loom for James Tilly Matthews

Douglas Piccininni, Shadowplay (2014 Chapbook Contest Finalist)

Andrew Michael Roberts, death star: a history in fragments

Sean Rys, We Who Say Thank You Mean Often Goodbye

Alison Strub, Dust Rites (2014 Chapbook Contest Finalist)

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